Person that skimps by whilst living on a ship. Generally describes pirates who are very poor and rarely acquire booty.
Jack Sparrow is the Pauper of the Surf, The Jester of Tortuga.
by SalisburySwaggggggg May 15, 2011
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One who is not poor by monetary means but rather by means of the soul. A nasty fool.
"Why is this dirty pauper in the club grinding up on me?"
by dirtypauper November 15, 2011
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Myers Park is one of the most expensive areas in Charlotte, N.C. and is arguably the most prestigious neighborhood in Charlotte. Residents are known as Myers Parkers. A "Myers Pauper" is someone, usually a vacuous blonde (and mate), that spends all their income just so they can live in Myers Park for the prestige, yet have no extra money.
Ophelia Snoblingfield Deucchebagg and Pender Parker Richlingsworth III just bought a house in Myers Park, but have to eat at Taco Bell and send their kids to public school. They're Myers Paupers.
by Greyborzoi April 3, 2008
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A Yorkshire based band, made from 5 lovely guys. They're all very talented and deserve to go far!
Yeah! They're The Pauper Kings!
by Simon Pegg 12 November 5, 2011
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