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A cross between a Nerd and a Geek.
Jon from big brother is a neek.
by Jay June 06, 2003
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The word neek could be used for a geek/nerd, but it is more generally used for people who are not street wise and don’t know how to react to situations such as being threatened or bullied. It could also be used for people who try to be funny but arent, and they will usually receive a response such as “killed it”. Or for someone that is deperately trying to be someones friend, also known as "begfriend" in the streets.

If you are smart, and love computers it doesn’t mean that you are a neek if you have grown up in the streets and know how to act in threatening situation and you know what to say and know how to defend yourself.

You can also be good at school, get really good grades and still not be a neek. It’s all about being street-wise and standing up for yourself.

That being said, its not bad to be a neek, it just means you dont understand the street culture.
Mugger: "give my your phone"
Neek: "please dont hurt me, i only just got this phone please let me keep it"
by alx36 December 14, 2007
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cross between nerd and a geek. Period.

Those people who've written about chavs calling 'people who will grow up to be successful later in life' neeks is total rubbish.

You can be a person who listen to hip-hop and garage and still be called a neek.

by restrict November 11, 2005
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A word used predominantly by Chavs to describe anyone with an ounce of brain or generally anyone who doesn’t listen to shitty monotonous R&B, wear a huge hoody and txt the guy standing nearest to him with his stolen Nokia phone.

Generally a neek is someone who has had some academic success, told a joke that needs a certain amount of intellect to understand or expressed a dislike to Rap / R&B / Garage.

A neek is someone who will grow up and go on to be successful, while the “cool” kids find out that their street cred and their stolen phones don’t mean shit to anybody in the real world.
Chav: Your such a neek
Neek: *I’m going to move away now, the smell of cigarettes and saliva is repulsing me*
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The Theory that the nerds and the geeks will unite as one and destroy all who stand in their way.
A:That new theory's pretty disturbing
B:The Neek Theory?
by hugewangc April 10, 2009
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Me! I am a total and utter Neek and fiercely proud of it, thank you very much. Neeks are cool people who are somehow mistaken for uncool/dipshit-style-losers by proud owners of Croydon Facelifts and M.C. skills ("Boo-yaah, I deck you man, boo boo, aw naw heavy bled, innit innit yeah I is heavy, you is...shit bled top neeky man you're gay. Gay gay gay gay gay. But me is not gay. Me is horny. Yes bled heavy"). Neek is derived from 'nerd' and 'geek' both meaning approximately the same thing i.e. clever (so all of a sudden it's a bad thing to possess a brain and be capable of intelligent thought?). The point is, if you get called a neek, be proud. It doesn't mean anything negative, it's townies resenting your superior mental capacity.
"Stop dancing u neek"
"No, fuck off, but thanks for recognising my neekiness"
*walks off*"You're gay"
"yes, very much so."
*breaks into run to confer "heavy heavy" to crew*
by hermaphrodite June 05, 2004
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