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Karen: The CDC says we can stop wearing ma
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by Callmemaybe69 May 14, 2021
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The word neek could be used for a geek/nerd, but it is more generally used for people who are not street wise and don’t know how to react to situations such as being threatened or bullied. It could also be used for people who try to be funny but arent, and they will usually receive a response such as “killed it”. Or for someone that is deperately trying to be someones friend, also known as "begfriend" in the streets.

If you are smart, and love computers it doesn’t mean that you are a neek if you have grown up in the streets and know how to act in threatening situation and you know what to say and know how to defend yourself.

You can also be good at school, get really good grades and still not be a neek. It’s all about being street-wise and standing up for yourself.

That being said, its not bad to be a neek, it just means you dont understand the street culture.
Mugger: "give my your phone"
Neek: "please dont hurt me, i only just got this phone please let me keep it"
by alx36 December 14, 2007
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Finding the definition of Neek is almost impossible. The constantly evolving definition.
First used as a cross between a Nerd and a Geek but that had been overused and became so normalised it had lost all meaning. It didn't mean anything if you were called it, but a joke. It died out in early 2019 but now is used as;

A term used to belittle people of lower social status - meaning perhaps someone who studies hard and uses less social time for The boys . Or can be used to belittle someone who wears low-quality clothing and is still mouthy about it. The term isn't hurtful, but if you are its target audience and the person says it correctly - it stings.

Typically said with a long build-up and a lot of oumph and power in the work.
*NOT to be confused with Unique
Candy had just left the libary and tried to avoid eye-contact as she passed the boys who she'd chosen against studying

Rob exclaimed "Youuuuu NEEK"
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by bigboywords July 21, 2019
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cross between nerd and a geek. Period.

Those people who've written about chavs calling 'people who will grow up to be successful later in life' neeks is total rubbish.

You can be a person who listen to hip-hop and garage and still be called a neek.

by restrict November 11, 2005
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