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1.The art of changing someone's facebook or myspace status to an out of date song lyric to make them look foolish and out of touch socially.
2. Being utterly creepy and getting domed up by heavy set women while trying to maintain the image of liking more attractive girls.
1. Dude, i left my face book open and totally got neefed. He changed my status to some lyrics from forgot about dre.

2. He took home a girl that's a thrower on the track team. She had to weigh at least 225 pounds. He totally neefed out last night.
by bigpuke/london October 20, 2009
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Guy 1: Dude I was vaping yesterday and I got Neefed to a new level...
Guy 2: You're a fag...
by jonnyboi206 December 24, 2016
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