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Neef, is a wannabe illustrator who attempts to take part in the art of drawing, but really he is a horrible artist. Oliver Age 24 tries to teach everyone who is subscribed to him on YouTube how to draw really good by making video tutorials and drawing TV show characters and stuff really good with 3D effects. Sometimes even 4D effects. But Neef cannot draw really good. If you have watched Oliver Age 24's videos, at the end there is a drawing done by Neef. But anyone, I mean anyone, even an Autistic Ed from Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy could see Neef has done a terrible job.

Ah, Neef...When will you learn?
Neef can also be used to replace other words. In some of Oliver Age 24's videos, Oliver uses the word Neef to replace swear words like in the music video for Pokémon Master.
How the Neef, Can I catch them all, If you keep making more, Pokemon? And how the hell, Can I be the best, If you keep upgrading, My Neefing Pokedex?

I don't give a Neef if it's in 3D, Monochrome was good enough for me, I don't give a Neef about using two screens, Dot Matrix is all I need to see, It's all about Professor Oak, And defeating Gary, It's all about MissingNo, And cloning Rare Candy.
by Afro-Motherfucking-M-A-N October 04, 2013
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a gay panda that likes to fuck a gay bear
yo see george a neef is a gay panda that likes to fuck gay bears not a faggot that likes to lick armpits that is fucken stupid and gay
by blah December 04, 2004
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Neef (neefer, nef, or nefer) is a word that can be used at any time, anyplace, and have any meaning you would like.
It can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. its basically the neeferest word ever.
"Oh my gosh, you're such a neef! I cannot believe you would do that!"
or "Wow, that's the neefest thing I've ever heard you say; so inspiring"
or "Go nef a neef you neefer!"
by Neeph June 01, 2011
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Another word for no, particularly when no energy and "no" is simply too hard to pronounce
<guy1>: "so hows about that poker game?"

<guy2>: "ahh, neef"
by LOL LOL LOL December 22, 2008
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To L trigger on Rainbow six Vegas 2 also known as taking cover. This tactic is used by fags.
Yo lets neef it because we need to win.
by Neef himself October 08, 2008
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A thurl bull with a slama dat stand tall n dnt fold through whatever
Damn dats neef with da dragon tale
by Da bull neef June 18, 2018
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