Rufus heated up last night's pizza in the nuker.
by Johnny MacD December 11, 2017
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(n) A character in an online game that has a class/profession/job/etc. which focuses on spell that delivers massive damage (a nuke). These casters generally live in a symbiotic relationship with a Tank to work effectively.
"/info Good group of Tanks looking for a decent nuker, pst"
by fourtimesasec January 23, 2004
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A variety of teenagers. A nuker is someone who goes to parties constantly, dips, and drinks on a regular basis. A nuker is usually very loud and assumes everyone is his friend, but talks shit behind everyones back. 90% of most prep schools are nukers, where as 40% of public school students are nukers. As wealth goes up, Nukage goes up.
John: Did you go to that party at Jessie's?
Alec: Nah only nukers went to that shit.
by doobieKING February 14, 2012
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Nuker (noun) 1. a person with a tight ass that causes ejaculation. 2. a heat-seeking meat missile, a.k.a. penis.
That was quite a fuck. He's got quite a nuker.
I want to rain destruction on your ass with my nuker.
by The_XY_Guy June 18, 2020
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A Nuker is another term for a New Castle brown ale. Hence an explosion of goodness in your mouth.
Can u pass me one of them mighty fine nukers from the cooler.
by Grazziano July 25, 2006
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Contemporary kitchen appliance that heats food by exposing water molecules to a constant beam of radiation. Newer models radiate all the molecules in food. Men's second best friend: the Microwave oven.
Frozen Burritos? Pop 'em in the nuker!
by Marc May 27, 2004
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a word to describe good marijuana
Slang for weed, usually said around Thorold.
person 1 - I picked up weed this morning, but it's shit.
Person 2 - well, I copped some nuker.
by raptor robbo January 4, 2008
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