The gayest dude you'll ever meet. If you meet someone that goes by blocky get ready for the most funniest intropiate jokes ever
"Blocky keeps making sex jokes-"
by Moonlightgem October 21, 2020
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"Hey guys, Blocky here. For a prank-"
by I Write Random Explanations October 16, 2020
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a blocky is when a bogan in a tryhard hotted up car drives around a block in a city over and over with the music turned up loud, trying to pick up a skanky ho. most people who do blockies are ferel retards who cant get a root and have to rely on their shit box car for a social life. many of these wankers come from launceston tasmania.
did u see that stupid bogan doing a blocky over there? he had shit gangsta music playing on his over priced speakers and was staring at everyone he drove past. he thought he was king shit.
by filthy gee January 10, 2006
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Usually used to describe driving around the block, particularly if done on a Saturday night with thumpin' music playing.
'Wanna do a blockie and check out the scene and listen to some really crap techno?"
by Kimba July 12, 2005
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incessantly smart kid, often known for perfection. secretly a womanizer, usually found canoodling with girls 80% of the time. the other 20% is spent studying.
whoa! that blockie got another hundy on our math test!
by lizzzzle December 31, 2005
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