"This game sucks, IMO"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
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IMO is an internet abbreviation standing for ‘in my opinion’. It is commonly used over text, online forums or chats, video game chats, and social media.
Sandra: I think it looks cool.
Kali: I think it looks horrible.
Halley: IMO, I think it’s... not bad.
by Tr.uth.ful.ly November 15, 2018
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"In My Opinion"

An internet phrase used to safeguard statements from insecure people who will find any way possible to personally attack you while drawing an argument out of nothing, and act as if your opinion were fact, simply to boost their self-esteem that they lack in real life.
Person 1: IMO, the sky is blue.
Person 2: I would flame you and try to argue your statement, which I would fill with many personal insults to feel better about myself, but you said "IMO", so I can't do that without looking like a retard.
by Angra November 11, 2007
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Stands for "In My Opinion". The term is brutally destroyed over and over again on many message boards.
Fanboy: "IMO, Halo 2 sold, IMO, 2.4 million copies, IMO, in one day, IMO. IMO, IMO."

Me: "For christ sakes. SHUT UP!"
by Justin H. April 30, 2005
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Stands for "In My Opinon". The most insecure way to state your opinion. Used by those afraid to get into a big argument with someone who disagrees with them.
Using IMO makes you a pansy of the internet message boards. If someone barks back at you for stating it as a fact, let them. If they don't understand that it's an opinion, that's their problem.

by Durango September 14, 2006
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Joey: That's racist, IMO.
Me: I'm Mexican, okay.
by hewameye January 19, 2012
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Originating from the Greek: Imous

A) IMO, your toaster is broken.

B) Your toaster is broken, IMO.

- For those who want to clarify that it is not somebody else's opinion, but their own.
John is stuck it his toilet again, IMO.

Ralf likes to eat his pie, IMO.
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