To be born with almost infinite wealth, fame, and fortune, then expecting people to believe that you're a victim of the system.
Prince Harry had a guaranteed great life of fortune before he was even born. I don't want to hear him say the system oppressed him.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx July 5, 2021
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A Man of High Profile, who comes from Extreme Wealth, as a Prince. But, one who’s insufferably idiotic, and of low moral standards and very extreme outburst of anger, especially with media and cameras. 2. One who will screw the sleaziest women, to which he follows like a puppy dog, marries and has his balls ripped off by his wife, after 18 months of Marriage. 3. One who is reduced to that of a Spineless Wimp, even his Own Family, contemplates disowning him, and agrees (by meeting) to keep him on, only part time, out of pity. 4. Is Class confused, doesn’t know the value of £1million and is greedy beyond imagination. 5. Drops the mic, then drops his own Grandmother the Queen, for nasty 40 year old Twat.
Don’t you have your own opinions? Don’t go all Prince Harry on me now!

So broke and desperate I may need to go all Prince Harry.

If you bring a Prince Harry home, you better have 2 jobs to pay to live!

Are you for real? Or are you going Prince Harry on me?
by Karma is Rich January 15, 2020
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Since photos have recently surfaced of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas, a "Prince Harry" shall henceforth be known as a text of a naked photo.
"I can't wait to see you when I get off work. You should send me a Prince Harry to hold me over!"

" Sext me your Prince Harry, baby!"
by Wm JD August 23, 2012
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Someone that is a fucking moron, as well as a narcissist and a liar, just like his wife, Meghan Markle. They are so dumb it's hard to say who is dumber. As a matter of fact, you can make a fair argument for either. One of the many stupid moments of his life was time he went to a party dressed up in a Nazi outfit. Also, they are so unpopular that some people are more sick and tired of them than Donald J. Trump himself and that is saying a lot, as like many other people, including other Presidents, he is not a very popular guy.
Ethan is a complete and utter moron that only cares about himself and lies a lot, he's such a Prince Harry.
by PhoenixGamer34 January 13, 2023
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A marijuana cigarette.
Origins: Youngest son of Prince Charles and younger brother of Billy the Boy King, Prince Harry was memorably caught smoking/possessing marijuana in the early noughties.
See also: joint, spliff, doobie etc.
I could do with a Prince Harry right about now.
by sidgirl August 22, 2006
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A drunken fool who's proved himself to be prejudiced and ignorant. Dressed up as a Nazi to a party and made racist remarks towards a fellow soldier of Pakistani roots and called another cadet a "raghead."

His only talent is partying and swinging his arms out like a gorilla at the cameras once he's wasted. His wasteful lifestyle is, of course, paid for by the British taxpayer.
Millions of idiots adore that poor excuse of a human called Prince Harry.
by Lauzier August 14, 2011
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