A racing video game that Electronic Arts made in 1995. The first title was Road&Track: The Need For Speed. The first game was only for the PS1, Sega Saturn and the PC. Also in the PC version, they have the special edition of The Need For Speed. In 1997, the sequel began, Need For Speed II. The second game has no cops, no damages and no imports. Then again, the special edition starts once more. After the sequel, they quit making into a special edition and stick it to the real title. In 1998, EA strikes again with a new sequel, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit. The cops were in that game for sure. There's no limits to that. In 1999, another sequel will blow our mind, Need For Speed IV: High Stakes. This time they're getting to the damages of the cars. Before there was no addons, the gamers are having an idea. They call it, Downloadable Addon Cars. They create cars from scratch, 3D or 2D. It's only for the PC version. After that, EA want something else besides other cars. There's only one car manufacturer that's from Germany that want something in the game, Porsche. EA acquires the license for the game and then, it was called Need For Speed V: Porsche Unleashed. In Europe, they call it Porsche 2000. It was a different for Unleashed. Later on, they went for the Game Boy Advance to let the GBA owners play it. In 2002, EA revives Need For Speed, once again! They call it for the sequel of Hot Pursuit, Need For Speed VI: Hot Pursuit 2. The cops are getting furious with racing. They will arrest you for the last time. It's for the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and the PC. In 2003, the exotics are taking a break and they're getting into the tuner side. They call it Underground. Need For Speed VII: Underground was a new game that impresses the tuners who are getting into imports. One of the gamers are not that interested in "rice 'em up" thing. Well beggers can't be choosers, you know. After that, Underground strikes again, once more. Underground was the first start of the game and then they made it to a sequel. Need For Speed VIII: Underground 2 has a fresh start of new ricing out thing. It was a little worse that EA took out the S2000 and the Neon because they don't have anymore money to buy the license again. Right now, EA has a new sequel, again, with a new title, Most Wanted. EA promised a new sequel to impress all racing gamers into a new level. Will EA survive making it? There were other titles from Need For Speed that just had, V-Rally, V-Rally 2, Motor City Online and Underground Rivals. We have an acronym for Need For Speed, NFS. For short, that is. When High Stakes, Hot Pursuit and Hot Pursuit 2 are still active, the pros are making the first High-Poly cars for the ones who own fast computers. They're not suitable for slow ones because it might crash your game. Now the NFS fans are so hyped about their games. Is there going to be a Need For Speed 10? We'll see about it sooner or later.
by Overdriven February 12, 2005
A really crap overrated game that died after the Hot Pursuit 2010. Also has been a film but well uhh. Lets not talk about that.
Phrase popularized by Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun and commonly applied to those who enjoy participating in activities involving high velocities, including aviation, sky diving, downhill skiing, and most forms of motorsports.
by razer December 22, 2006
When you and your girlfriend and brother drive over 20 minutes in a snowstorm to get a fat sack of tweakydust.
by DaddyJim808 January 28, 2022
the physical addiction/need for crystal meth (speed)
a reference to the racing video game
guy #1 at punk rock show: dude, look at that drummer's arms move.
guy #2 at punk rock show: yeah man, he's obviously got a crazy need for speed.
by the ianator August 22, 2007
Same as amphetamine.

Used on streets to define whether you have a need for amphetamine or not.

......ummm its also a game........
"I've got need for speed"
"So you're on amphetamine?"
by 100% ownage December 10, 2004
euphemism for masterbation over internet related porn

Need for Speed Underground 2 - wanking over scat porn

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed - a masterbating whilst wearing a condom - also see posh wank
I played 'need for speed' for two hours last night. I just levelled on need for speed.
by james melville May 23, 2006