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It is a noun or adjective that describes a very close friend of yours that is almost like a brother to you.
Combination of the words negro and bro. By replacing the "gro" with "bro" you remove all doubts about the racism so you can say the word without the fear of offending someone and in the end feeling better about yourself.
As a noun - Whats up nebro, you catch that hockey game last night?

As an adjective - Jared is the best nebro ever he is always willing to go out of his way to do stuff for me.
by Ultimapimp April 19, 2010
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A nebro is an African American that is also a "bro." A bro is usually a white kid with a trust fund that joins a fraternity when they go to college and uses bro at the end of every sentence. they wear khaki plad shorts and pink or other bright colored polos. they travel in groups of ten males and usually one or zero females. so any "bro" that is also african american, is a Nebro!
damn dude, why is that nebro wrestling with those bros on the floor of the bar while their frat bros are pouring natti ice all over them and filming it with journey on the jukebox?

i dont know dude, do you happen to have a firearm on you?
by beware the pale horse February 02, 2011
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A "bro" who acts black. Basically, a white person who thinks they are black, dresses black, acts black, talks black, and basically is black with white skin.

Synonyms: Wigga, wanksta, wankster, cracker, craka, whiteboy, Obbi, Eminem
Gee Frank, those tims and that fubu 5 threads your flossin, really make you a nebro.

Ey yo punk, you ain't nuthin but a nebro. get off my block befo i busta cap in yo bitchass.
by JazzyJ123 October 09, 2008
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People you lax with. If you're black and have white friends you lax with you call them Nebros instead of Negroes.
I have hard core bromances with my Nebros
by MoMo2014 April 27, 2011
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A term a person uses to refer to a black friend. More so used by white people who feel more entitled or privileged because they have a black. Often a less vulgar substitute for 'Nigga'.
*White guy 1* : "Yo, did you check out my Nebro?"
*White guy 2* : "I too am not racist for I have a black friend."
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by Club Penguin Tech Support June 10, 2018
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If your brother looks black (afro american) than he is a nebro. Like when you say "negro" its kind of the same but your refering your brother as one, replace the "g" with a "b" and u have "nebro."
My bro is a nebro.

Shut up nebro!

Yo, get yo nebro foo!
by panduh bear October 17, 2006
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