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Navneet's are really hot and innocent girls. The stand up to their friends asap if they are having a bad time. Navneet has the most beautiful smile anyone can EVER IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!! Overall, Navneet's are really cute, adorable and beautiful and are also very inspirational and can an excellent friend to have:)
Person 1- Damn, look at Navneet
Person 2- She is a Navneet for sure
Person 1- Beautiful on the inside and outside
by White Storm July 24, 2018
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A small headed man juggling creature from greek mythology. It has been claimed that her shriek is capable of castrating young boys. Making eye contact results in a permanent colossal erection.
Yo I met a navneet at that party last night and no matter how much I jack off my castrated dick won't go down.
by ProstateGland March 05, 2009
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A sexy piece of ass.

Also a compliment to VERY sexy brown girls. Usually innocent on the outside, but a beast in the inside.
Hey Waldo, check out that navneet.

Wow shes a navneet for sure!
by Waldo M. February 24, 2008
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a small headed man boy who likes to play with himself for fun . When made eye contact with , you will result with a major erection . With one fat piece of ass hanging off him , gotta go find yourself a piece of that
Man 1: hey bud did you see that little man boy navneet at the store

Man 2: ya she got me turned on and I was jerking off in the meat section
Man 1: Man U lucky I wish
by chickenidiss June 18, 2018
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A Nintendo fanboy who stays loyal to Nintendo no matter what anyone says about him.
Dude 1: Duuuude, did you see that Navneet?
Dude 2: Bro how does he play Nintendo for all these years?
Dude 3: That's one committed dude for sure!
by ShadowShuriken February 25, 2017
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A boy or man with a super human intelligence.very healthy and never gets tired,It is originated from sanskrit Nav meaning new and neet meaning always
Means he is very interesting person who never make you feel boared
It is also the name of the Hindu God Lord Krishna
That boy is navneet.
by Krinav September 02, 2018
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very creamy butter that can become very rude and can have attitude, but when you leave it out to cool it becomes very nice and adorable, and will become very helpful, this butter is very unique and special that only comes in india, so a lot of indians use this butter.
this is some rude and hard navneet

person 1: hey can you pass me some navneet.
person 2: yeah sure here.
person 1: damn this navneet has some attitude
person 2: just leave it to cool and it will become more nice and helpful.
by sukhaaaa January 26, 2019
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