When you get made fun of for using the word wrong so you make it up
Lexie your such a idiot. Well at least I’m not boared
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being bored whilst playing a board game.
very common when playing scrabble
oh my god! i'm sooooo boared
by soph! February 7, 2008
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To exhibit actions and/or behaviors of ignorance, self-centeredness, selfishness and a belief of superiority to others. Those who exhibit this type of behavior are often spoiled and embellish their own worth to gain attention, as well as suppress their own internal self consciousness of being substandard or worthless.

To 'boar' someone.

Adjective: Boar
Verb: Boaring
As an adjective:

- Jeff was being such a boar today.

- Jeff is a sad, fat, out of shape, boar.

As a verb:

- Last night at the party Jeff kept boaring all the guests.

- Jeff stop boaring every person we walk by.
by LawlessChoir December 8, 2012
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Yesterday I went Boaring, and killed 2 boar. It was great...
by Bonette December 20, 2008
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A big ass pig that is buff.
This sentence is boary.(Bo-Ree)
by DolanMay September 28, 2003
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A state of retardation when you are on a phone and cannot spell "boring" correctly. Commonly used by management of Turtle Gang discord server.
Stupid eu kids are so boaring and lame.
Going to work everyday from 9-5 is so boaring
by shapeisdumb-dead, 2020 July 19, 2020
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