On the 9th of February

If you see or meet anyone with the name Lee - Kiss
Anywhere on his body
by National days February 8, 2018
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Oh the 1st of may, you get to kiss anyone you want, the same gender or opposite it doesn’t matter just get your lips on someone else’s don’t be scared
Eyy Jim it’s national kiss lips day

(*Jim kisses me*)
by The true lover April 11, 2019
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(jun.18th) Kiss Savannah. The hottest most sexiest girl out there. She will steal your virginity in a heartbeat. She is drop dead gorgeous and is a great kisser.

National kiss Savannah day is a day to kiss Savannah
by Bonnieandclide June 18, 2022
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this is the day where you finally kiss your gf named shydaisha
oh look , it’s national kiss shydaisha day.
by Quenn👑 October 9, 2021
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nationial kiss skylar is every odd day. on the even days its national kiss cassidy day.
its october 3rd... its national kiss skylar day
by spencerisdumb October 3, 2020
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The 15th of april its the day where you have to kiss a Theodor Noa, else you will be samed by your frinds.
by I Like Boogers January 6, 2022
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