5 definitions by The true lover

Oh the 1st of may, you get to kiss anyone you want, the same gender or opposite it doesn’t matter just get your lips on someone else’s don’t be scared
Eyy Jim it’s national kiss lips day

(*Jim kisses me*)
by The true lover April 11, 2019
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Every June the 10th to the 17th you have to kiss someone from the opposite gender everyday it can be the same person or multiple your choice
by The true lover June 09, 2019
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Chinks is usually a nickname for Chinese people but is also a name a best friend would call you if ur name was charley, chinks is a very nice and important person but can be a bit lazy at times, he will get in trouble a lot in school but makes the class laugh a lot , he’s the type of guy to eat cereal with no milk and the guy to fuck my wife.
Chinks be carful now
by The true lover January 22, 2019
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Annoyingness is one of your stats like speed is a stat so is annoyingness like I have 30% annoyingness but Keira Lawrence has 100% annoyingness
Your so annoying your stats on gta would me 100% Annoyingness.
by The true lover January 03, 2018
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