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A word used in fan fictions meaning ‘your name’ used in first person/ reader point of view fanfics
‘Hey y/n how are you doing?’
You would insert your name, let’s say you are called Shamma

The sentence then becomes
‘Hey Shamma how are you doing?’
by Euph0riakookie July 30, 2019
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Your Name - usually used in fan fictions so that you are the main character
"Y/N!" lindsay called, "where are you?"
"be right down"
"we're gonna be late Y/N!"
by thenewcanaanlife February 15, 2013
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y/n is supposed to be the reader because the abbreviation means *your/name*
“omg y/n !! hisoka the pedo is coming!!”
y/n: lol peace out 😝😹
via giphy
by lolz#0440 November 05, 2020
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A term usually used in fanfictions like ____ x reader. Y/N means "Your Name". So you would replace y/n for your name.
So lets say the sentence was

Jackson (yes wang): oh hey y/n, wanna come to my party this weekend?
Y/N: yeah sure!

You would read (ima use Emily for example)

Jackson (yes wang): oh hey Emily, wanna come to my party this weekend?
Emily: yeah sure!
by one of the many kpop stans August 03, 2020
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The abbreviation for 'your name' typically used in books where you are a character, like x readers.
On wattpad I read a Harry potter fanfiction Where I was in the book, so it had (Y/N)
by Queeniegrace November 09, 2018
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Sometimes used in fan fictions for abbreviating “your name
It can also stand for yin, An amazing name.
Person: Hey y/n
Yin: my names yin
by rachaelr August 21, 2018
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