A word used in fan fictions meaning ‘your name’ used in first person/ reader point of view fanfics
‘Hey y/n how are you doing?’
You would insert your name, let’s say you are called Shamma

The sentence then becomes
‘Hey Shamma how are you doing?’
by Euph0riakookie July 30, 2019
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Y/n is the pickiest pick me of them all
Y/n is the biggest Emily of them all
She lives in random wattpads, sometimes y/n is a badass, usually she’s annoying.
Y/n ruins newtmas in most wattpads tbh.
anyways besties,
Y/n: I-I-I n-newt?
Newt: Yes, y/n?
Y/n I-I dont f-feel so g-g-g-good *faints*
Newt: *walks off*
by swaggygrace June 4, 2021
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y/n is a fucking pick me, shutters a lot for no reason and gets all kind of hotties, losers, and her parents died in fire or they abuse her :(
hey Y/n! hey-y-y uwu i think i am gonna piss myslef-f-f
by stanloona6969 January 4, 2022
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The most annyoing person you'll ever meet. Usually means your name in fanfiction

-/|/ |_| $ |_|
by Parkiti March 27, 2021
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The bitch that stole all my mans, including Harry styles, Tom Holland even mf ben hardy 😭
by gracelol November 18, 2020
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Where are all my hoddies

Y/N- I took them hehe 🥺
by Kitty cat poopy March 28, 2021
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Y/n also known as your name is normally used in fanficts
Eg 1: y/n is so lucky she gets allt he boys

Eg 2: y/n wanna go to my party
by Y/nhaters February 3, 2021
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