On national kissing day you can kiss your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, just because you feel like it. National Kissing Day is on April 13th
Brad : I’m going to kiss Shelby on National Kissing Day
Jake : Good idea
by Alexis26 April 12, 2019
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On April 13, its will be a kissing day . Were u walk up to someone and just kiss them either on their lips or on their cheeks !!!
Keish: i just got kissed by 8 guys today

Stacey: Dont you knw its National Kissing Day!!
Keisha : No wonder 😂
by Kokymrt1620 April 12, 2018
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April 22 every year is National Kissing day. Go up to anyone and give them a kiss. If they get angry just explain its National kissing day.
Kiss someone and if they get mad tell them it’s National Kissing Day.
by National Kissing Day April 11, 2019
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National kiss day is April 13

So kiss you ever you want without having to have a relation ship
Single or taken kiss someone
On national kiss day you can kiss who ever you want don’t hessitat just kiss them
by Lopez191 April 13, 2018
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On October 5th, you can make out or kiss anyone.
“Bruh this dude aint kissing anyone on National Kiss Day lmaooo
by YoungMartini October 5, 2018
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Where on this day at the bus stop or lunch time(any time you with your baby)kiss them and hug them.
Baby: Hey it's National Kiss Day

Girlfriend: Yeah we should make out
by Keep_It_Mellow_bissshh April 12, 2018
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