A big wet, soppy, somewhat hard, yet pleasurable kiss either on the cheek or on the lips; more often than not, accompanied by the same sound. involves hanging on to / gripping both sides of the head for a firmer kiss.
My loving girlfriend Beth gave me a really sweet MWUAH before going home.
by jans ongkinky April 9, 2006
The sound a dirty vicar makes when he detects an ITP.
MWUAH! Mwuuuuuuah! Mwuah!
by Krakky McKraken June 21, 2009
-i scraped my knee im falling for you.
but baby a kiss will do.

-is there something in your eye, oh wait, its just a sparkle.

-you want some fries with that shakee?!

-your as cuuuute as a buttonn.

mwuah ha ha ha hah hah.
by CassieWillBeatChu(: May 15, 2009
Someone who wants to kiss you and is the sound of someone kissing. that means they want to fuck you
Mom: "MWUAH"

then they fuxk each other until they got me borned
by 328560@stu.wvusd.org February 15, 2022