Boy 1: Hey, it’s November 27th!
Girl 1: So what?
Boy 1: It’s fuck your crush day?
by Bxtch._ November 24, 2020
The national day where the dumbass gets the best head
You already know it's November 27th
by SexyDickmaster69 October 16, 2019
Friend:do you know what day it is?
Friend:it's November 27th

Friend:it's national beat a furry day
by October 8, 2022
On nov 27 it is national yeet a tall person
“Hey what’s today” “Oh it’s November 27th” “Ok (yeets tall person)”
by Get yeeted November 2, 2020
Only the cutest hottest KINDEST girls were born on this special day. <3
Happy birthday amazing human born on November 27th
-thank you!
by BunBonito November 17, 2021
Give the opposite gender a hug. Just show them you care.
Give someone a big hug on November 27th!
by Littlebrownshawty November 27, 2019
One black girl is born on this day! Make sure to say happy birthday to Dallas!
Hey what’s today? It’s November 27th! Dallas’s day?
by Dallas4L February 6, 2022