the game that men and women play
the game of either playin a guy/girl or the game of fallin in love
Mike got all caught up in tha game he forgot which girl was wich.
by rizle dizle February 01, 2004
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Another way 2 say And Ya Betta Kno It.
Often used in North Crunkvillecan also be can be used to say That's Wasup.
I'm bout 2 go 2 tha mall 2 find some honeys!
Of tha game my nigga!
by CrUnkville's FyNest August 23, 2005
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To be iced, killed
To have one's life taken away..
Ya'll ain't goin' be Taken out of tha game just like that now.. You KNOW his homies gonna HAVE some serious-bidness repercushins!..
by Gabe Maranos September 04, 2006
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