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An original or semi-original, often toxic, phrase coined by an individual with the name Nathan.
Nathan: 90% of the stuff that comes out of your mouth or keyboard is bullshit nothing

"Bullshit nothing" is a Nathanism.
by chocolate_ February 14, 2018
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The act for a literature student to commit blasphemous grammatical and spelling errors beyond the realms of the imaginable.
"she leaves so far" nathanism for "she lives so far"
"I'm know visiting" nathanism for "I'm now visiting"
"where family!" nathanism for "we're family!"
"I'll try and see her Wensday" nathanism for "I'll try and see her Wednesday"
"could you pass me the flower to make the cake?" (needs no explanation)
by L'ecuyer de Godefroy October 24, 2011
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Someone who who follows the doctrine of never being able to tell the truth about anything. A Nathanist will always have a story that one-ups the stories of everyone around him. This may also be referred to as Pulling a Nathan.
A Nathanist always has a story better then yours. Have you ever been sky-diving. A Nathanist has too, but he jumped out of a burning plane without a parachute and used his underwear to safely land instead. He also met Rob Schneider on that plane and they are now best friends. At the heart of Nathanism is the need to be better then everyone.
by Solocon41 August 20, 2010
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An unusal additcion to openly steal change from unregistered containers in friends rooms,living rooms,hell...anywhere.... This a fetish and the person commiting these acts usually sticks the coins up his but. The more change the merrier.
Nathan: Hey Tom
Tom: Hey Nathan
Nathan: Can you get me a beer from the fridge
Tom: Sure Buddy
Nathan (change vaccume mode engages....searching and stealing every coin in sight)....
by ChangeVICTIM January 11, 2012
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