A very handsome guy who is easy to get on with and has a great personality. He usually knows the right thing to say and helps most people who have problems. Nath is shorter for nathan but nath suits him most. Hes the best guy you could ever meet or want. Great laugh and knows how to cheer you up no matter how unhappy or upset you aree :) Hes just one of a kind :P
by ForeverYoungXx September 8, 2010
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Nath is one of the greatest people you will ever meet, the most loving and caring person ever
Nath is my little baby
by StanHoes October 24, 2020
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Nath is used to describe a young male, usually in the mid to late twenties. A "Nath" can usually be found roaming the streets in search of wild Pizza or Burger herds and may become hostile when approached. Never approach a wild Nath from behind, as they will employ wild, uncontrollable flatulence as a natural defense, sometimes resulting in accidental leakage.

Domesticated Naths are slightly larger than their wild counterparts, due to excessive grazing on junk foods and a very lax lifestyle. While less hostile than in the wild, a domestic Nath is likely to have a diesel libido and be prone to occasional fits of rage, usually in response to the appearance of the Nath's natural predators; The Boss, The Missus and most dreaded of all, The Morning.

If you are approached by a Nath, DO NOT make direct eye contact, simply empty your wallet, bay like a frightened sheep and slowly retreat while never turning your back on the Nath, as the Nath may see this as a signal of the mating season.

Nath's are allergic to: Bright Sunlight

Moderate Sunlight

Heavy Lifting

Vegetables that make a crunching sound

Early Mornings

Early Nights


Any film which has been adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel

Ben Affleck

Novelty Mugs
Example 1
Man: Look out! There's a Nath over there! Nobody move or he might follow through!

Example 2
Woman: What a specimen! That is the biggest, hairiest Nath I have ever seen!
Man: Be careful, it looks like he's feeling frisky!

Nathan Nate Wild Flatulence Legend Booty-tastic
by Captain 1D10T May 20, 2016
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Nath is the most hot stuff dude who is never gonna exist and a so cool fella, nath you're #%$!ing god like im not kidding
random: who are you??????!#=???
nath: nath

random:*make a reverence*
by ofc not ascra November 23, 2021
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an absolute chad who doesn't care about anyones feelings and makes fun of me for accidentally breaking 4 door hinges within a month, ilysm nath but ohm y god get off my case
"nath is an absolute chad, what a king''
by Muzikki March 7, 2021
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Nath is a stupid liddle Aussie. STUPID UPSIDE DOWN PERSON!!
me: time to throw the Aussie into the LAKE
nath: *cries*
by maikolkinnie July 6, 2020
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A ferociously overgrown region of pubic hair found on a man’s nether regions. The clear result of a lack of sufficient manscaping.
Harry: Oh my Stephen that is a crazy Nath you’ve got down there, you’re gonna need a lawnmower to tend to that!

Stephen: Oh don’t get me started on that mess! I haven’t had a chance to garden down there since Anne Boleyn was beheaded!
by Gladys66 August 27, 2018
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