The coolest kid ever way better than Tatenda or Rohith he gon cook u in a curry off. Lokey the baddest bitch out there and that's on my slimes.

Have you seen Shivatsa.Oh yeah he lokey bad af. frfr
Have you seen Shivatsa Nath.Oh yeah he lokey bad af. frfr
by ....,. May 16, 2021
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Real Nath's are real fat cunts. Nath means moron in African language, so Real Nath's are actually just giant morons. Real Nath's point out the obvious and they suck off their buddy Harry all the god damn time. Not to mention Real Nath's also have an unhealthy obsession with the unpopular pedophile youtuber Azure YT.
Is that guy sucking off Harry in RGH main-chat?

-Ya he is definitely Real Nath.
by azure. May 16, 2020
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A man with unknown sexual orientation, who engages in inappropriate, unwanted touching with both males and females.

A generall inappropriate person
Mate, you're about to be nath raped
by yomumma32355634432 December 3, 2010
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A man who cuts rocks with a knife and sleeps standing up wherever he can. The Dustin Nath requires great skill holding a rock in one hand and sleeping while taking a piss.
I went to bed but woke up in the hallway with a rock in my pants, I guess I slept like a dustin nath.
by Patrick March 14, 2005
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He is a caring person and loves to carry weapons wherever he goes. He is the prodigy of a violent person and due to such oppression he has developed a fear of belts.
Nath left his weapon at my place yesterday, I think his father uses it on him he must be a Prithu.
by Ayurv3dicDrugs_420 November 30, 2021
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A sweet loving boyfriend, He's the most precious and sweetest guy you'll ever met, He will do anything for you and always make time for you, An Ideal man,A sweet,caring,lovable boyfriend and a shy person but he's the best boyfriend ever
"Nath you know I liked you back then?"

"Yeah it was obvious."

"Then why didn't you confess?"

"I was shy."
by From your clymene March 16, 2022
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la mejor puta persona del mundo
by ascra October 28, 2021
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