The way life is. Happiness and Sadness neither would exist without the other. without frowns we have no smiles. The upside down logo was designed by Hope 4 The Hopelessness. A way to say “I am fine but really I am not!”
The upside down of things is you pissed me off but I can’t spread my unhappiness to the world so I smile instead of giving you the pleasure of seeing my frown.
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to owe more then you have
"I'm upside down on my car loan." "I know I owe you money but I'm kinda upside down right now."
by Cre8aDeb8 September 8, 2008
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a place in the tv show stranger things. an alternate dimension that people go in the tv show.
did you watch stranger things last night?

my favorite part was when they showed the upside down!
by stakia February 19, 2018
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The act of doing a handstand against random objects with toes pointed perfectly and head face down towards the ground.
She's not planking anymore, she does Upside-Downing.
by katelynDrew October 9, 2011
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The best way to use things, acording to legends of the cool_dez, who was proven not to be the most coolest.
Works best with the X-BOX on halo, with the controller upside-down in your hand.
by FaTaL-XP October 9, 2004
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