The style of running used by the character naruto in the manga series. It has been popularized by the #storm area 51 Facebook page and has since become a meme.
Person 1: are you going to be naruto runner in the raid?
Person 2: yes we are naruto running from each side
by Naruto_runner.07 September 7, 2019
(verb) (also used as noun)
A style of running where you lean forward, turn your hands toward your back and run. This increases stealth and stability. It lessens the chances of your enemy to predict your move as he can't see your hands! Actually that's how ninjas seemed to run and the term got popular due to Naruto, written by Masashi Kishimoto.
P.S.: Watch it, dattebayo
The kid Naruto ran during the Area 51 broadcast.
You know, Ninja Hattori from the 60's also performed the Naruto run!
by GDas PO September 22, 2019
People who runs with both arms outstretch behind them. Like in the anime series Naruto, most of the characters especially ninjas run like this.
Father: Why are they running like that, son? It always bothers me.

Son: They run like that dad. It's a Naruto Run.
by ill-paid February 7, 2016
The one and only correct run techniue any decent human being must do rumor has it that practicing the run hard enough can help you storm Area 51
We must Naruto Run to avoid incoming bullets
by Yacatect July 24, 2019
A type of running technique used by ninjas to move faster where they pull their arms back and lean forward to run
by EmoTeen52 August 10, 2019
The act of running around with your arms positions straight behind your back with your back bent. This is to emulate ones favorite character from the Chinese cartoon Naruto. People who perform such activities may also enjoy collecting Japanese weapons along with wearing trench coats.
There goes Stephen again, Naruto running to second period; what a fucking weeb.
by ChickenSpray October 12, 2016
A run in which the back and neck are kept low with the head facing forward, and the arms held backwards. This is a run that references to popular anime character: "Naruto Uzukami."
As they rushed to Area 51, they used the Naruto Run to get to there faster.
by AmazingLion91 July 28, 2019