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Nappies is another term that is used in many other countries to describe diapers. Nappies just like diapers, come in both disposable and cloth versions, and are used the exact same way as diapers are used here in Canada and the United States.
When naptime came, Mrs Smith put both the baby and toddler into their baby cots, and changed their nappies and rubber pants.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 23, 2006
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Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state
as found on people of African descent who do not chemically alter their hair texture.
by Sister Neely February 24, 2004
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Hair distinctive to some Africans and Americans of African descent. If taken care of properly, it is very beautiful, thick, and soft. And people actually DO wash natural, nappy hair.
She is so brave to wear her nappy hair, unlike all those girls with jacked-up weave.
by nappynluvnit August 10, 2007
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Can you change little Tommy's nappy please? He's beginning to really smell.
by Dan Fox June 19, 2003
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Really means the British word for diaper.
"Timmy needs a nanny, I have to go to work I can't change his nappy all day."
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
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one of African desent who has tightly coiled unkept hair; one with locks of hair that is tightly curled that is unwashed and uncombed
Sholanda has such nappy hair you can see her buckshots even after she gets a perm.
by K-izzle May 02, 2005
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An adjective used for describing how gross, unkempt, unclean, or how disheveled a person is.
Hayden is looking especially nappy today; he hasn't showered for 3 weeks!
by Butch #2 January 24, 2012
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