A word use in Ireland or UK for a diaper.
She tossed the soiled nappie out the car window and it splattered shite so thick I had to pull into the nearest gas station and clean it off.
by navillus March 05, 2004
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To have Nasty, disgusting, or greasy hair that is a mess and not taken care of. Or a nasty person who does not take care of them selfs.
That's some nappie hair.
That's one nappie bitch.
That's one nappie fro.
by D-Rew Rappen April 18, 2008
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An adorable term for sleeping in the middle of the day. Often used by children under the age of five or those who think, talk and/or act like they are.
Kelly: Is it two in the afternoon already? Oh wow. I'm definitely overdue for a nappie!

Stephen: Did you really just say "nappie"?

Kelly: ...
by AMeteorShower April 22, 2010
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A shorter nap, that is between 20mins - 2 hours
Hey zoe, lets take a nappie before our test starts because boy am I exhausted !
by Zoe Zito April 18, 2018
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