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In our house a diaper change was a "changie". The process of changing a baby's diapers. The proceedure of removing a baby's diapers, be it rubber pants, cloth diapers, and pins, or a disposable diaper, and replacing the wet and soiled diapers with clean fresh ones.

Changie: A diaper change.
As I walked past the open door of the bathroom, a woman could be seen standing next to a baby changing table doing a changie.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. July 24, 2006
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Cloth diapers are diapers that can be laundered and used over and over again, multiple times. Fashioned out of soft absorbent material such as flannel, birdseye cotton, or gauze, cloth diapers are most commonly fastened with safety pins and worn with protective waterproof panties over top. Traditional old-fashioned cloth diapers are rectangle or square in shape, sheet styled in appearance, and require folding in order to be used on a baby or child. Standard traditional cloth diapers are white in colour.
In the dayhome we strictly used cloth diapers on all of the children.

The kids ran around inside the home wearing nothing but rubber pants and cloth diapers.

The child toddled around in loosely pinned cloth diapers.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. December 10, 2006
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Combination diapering is the process of using both cloth and disposable diapers in ones home. A combination of the two types of diapers.
Mrs. Smith always opted for combination diapering with her children when they were babies.

For the first several weeks after my children's birth, I chose combination diapering.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. February 9, 2007
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The action of using two diapers to diaper a baby or child with, instead of one. Most mothers who use cloth diapers on their children, double diaper. Related to cloth diapering. A method of diapering used by parents and babysitters to increase the absorbency of a child's diapers.
Double diaper-double diaper.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 28, 2006
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The process of putting two diapers on a baby or child, rather than one. Mothers who use cloth diapers on their children quite often use the option of 'double diapering'.
At the dayhome double diapering was always done for naptime, and night-time.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. September 8, 2006
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Nappies is another term that is used in many other countries to describe diapers. Nappies just like diapers, come in both disposable and cloth versions, and are used the exact same way as diapers are used here in Canada and the United States.
When naptime came, Mrs Smith put both the baby and toddler into their baby cots, and changed their nappies and rubber pants.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 23, 2006
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Spanking, a household standard in many households where parents are raising young and growing children. The action of physically taking a child be it a baby, or a toddler, and paddling the child on the bottom with the inside flat of ones open hand. Spanking is done either on a clothed bottom, or a bare bottom, depending on the severity of ones child's actions, and the strictness of the parent administering the spanking.

Spanking: The actions of a parent, a babysitter, or a caregiver, repetitively striking or paddling a child, baby, or toddler, on the bottom with their open hand.
"If I catch you doing that one more time (child's name), your going to get a spanking"!

"Ok, you were told once already, and now I'm going to give you a spanking"!

"Get inside right this minute! You know better than to do that! Your getting a spanking"!
by Lorraine Jorgenson. July 24, 2006
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