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Nappies is another term that is used in many other countries to describe diapers. Nappies just like diapers, come in both disposable and cloth versions, and are used the exact same way as diapers are used here in Canada and the United States.
When naptime came, Mrs Smith put both the baby and toddler into their baby cots, and changed their nappies and rubber pants.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 23, 2006

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Spanking, a household standard in many households where parents are raising young and growing children. The action of physically taking a child be it a baby, or a toddler, and paddling the child on the bottom with the inside flat of ones open hand. Spanking is done either on a clothed bottom, or a bare bottom, depending on the severity of ones child's actions, and the strictness of the parent administering the spanking.

Spanking: The actions of a parent, a babysitter, or a caregiver, repetitively striking or paddling a child, baby, or toddler, on the bottom with their open hand.
"If I catch you doing that one more time (child's name), your going to get a spanking"!

"Ok, you were told once already, and now I'm going to give you a spanking"!

"Get inside right this minute! You know better than to do that! Your getting a spanking"!
by Lorraine Jorgenson. July 24, 2006

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Rubber pants, plastic pants, baby pants, waterproof pants, vinyl pants, nappy pants, or any other style of panties traditionally worn over top of a baby's diaper.

A diaper covering used over top of a baby's diaper, be it either a cloth diaper, or a disposable diaper, for the purpose of dress-up, or for waterproof protection.

Mrs Smith, our next door neighbour, uses cloth diapers, safety pins, and diaper pants on her children.

After pinning the baby's cloth diaper on, I pulled on a pair of diaper pants over top of the diaper.

During the diaper change, I opened up the top dresser drawer to get a clean pair of diaper pants out to put on the toddler.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 22, 2006

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Traditionally, a container, holder, unit, receptacle, or other, specifically designed to contain used cloth diapers, until such a time that the diapers can be dealt with. Traditional diaper pails are usually cylindrical in shape, white in colour, have a removable lid, and are made out of plastic. By design, diaper pails much resemble that of a standard kitchen garbage pail, and are an absolute must have item in any household where there are babies wearing cloth diapers.
The diaper pail in the baby's bedroom contained several days worth of wet and dirty cloth diapers, rubber pants, and baby wash cloths.

After changing the baby, I opened the lid of the plastic diaper pail, and tossed the soiled diaper and rubber pants inside.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 22, 2006

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Diapering: The act of changing, taking off, putting on diapers. The process of changing a diaper.
While at the local park, I observed two young mothers diapering their babies.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 24, 2006

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The action of checking a baby's diaper(s) for wetness, soiling, or proper fit. Feeling the diapers for any wetness or soiling, or by doing a smell check.
After coming inside from doing some gardening, I washed my hands, and went into the baby's room to do a diaper check on the toddler.

I did a diaper check on the babies by gently pulling back the front of their rubbber pants.

My favourite method in which to do a diaper check is by inserting my index finger inside the elastic leg opening of a baby's rubber pants.

by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 24, 2006

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A soft paper like, or fabric sheet used to line the inside of a baby's diaper with. Diaper liners are mainly used with cloth diapers, but can be used with disposable diapers as well. Diaper liners help prevent excessive soiling of diapers, particularly cloth diapers, eliminating the need for thorough rinsing and soaking after changing, while at the same time helping to provide a protective barrier between babies tender skin and the wet or soiled diapers, reducing the incidence of diaper rash.
Before putting the clean cloth diaper on my son, I placed a diaper liner inside the cloth diaper.

All of the babies in the dayhome wore cloth diapers with diaper liners and rubber pants.

My friend uses diaper liners on her children.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 27, 2006

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