Naomi is the best friend a girl or guy could have! She is so sweet and kind and is not at all shy but sensitive. she is really pretty but doesnt know it. she is so much fun to be around when its just you and her! Love ya girlie!
guy: oh my gosh naomi is so pretty
other guy: no! shes beautiful
by Syrenaislit January 16, 2020
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She is


She is


She is


She is the person you would want to spend your time with
She is the perfect friend
She is beautiful and she deserves to know it

I don't know what I'd do without her in my life
English with her was so much fun and so is Math class
She will make you laugh at the dumbest things possible

You'll look back and wonder why you were laughing

Sis has a boo-tay

She is a queen and no question she is gonna rule her empire

You won't get bored around her trust me
by S.A.V.A.G.E February 18, 2020
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A friend who you can rely on to always be there and care. Sometimes said person can be a bit flakey but once reminded, get's back on track. She knows when she needs to be serious and as soon as that moment has gone, she lets out her "I wana par-tay" side again. Lov ya lots x x x
Not being funny but....
I think we could get a bit merry!
by A Great Ickle Buddy Boo April 05, 2005
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A small but georgous female. Has so many friends and flexible. Has amazing hair and an awsome personality to go along with it. Normally an amazing friend who is always there for you. Always has to choose between extreamly hot guys.
When you get more than 10 likes on facebook you feel like Naomi Hollas.
by cecky April 27, 2011
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The Girl That Is Fucking Sweet And Loving ! She Will Always Make Yu Happy Whenevr Yu Are Madd Or Sadd ! She Will Complete You And Love You Everyday 24/7 ! She Will Be Nice And Loving If You Are Nice And Loving To Her Back ! She Is Very Funny And Sexii !!!!! Ahh She Is Daring And Will Tell You Everything :D
Naomi Is Very Sweet And I Will Always Love Her <3 .
by itsmevietboi September 01, 2010
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the sexiest girl you will ever meet...she gets all the guys....normally brunette. Might be a tad slaggy but in an awesome way. she is pretty dirty mined and has lots of guy friends. she loves to party but can think she looks worse than she actually does. she loves her friends. Could have a future with a male named samuel/jack. Has amazing friends, might include katie/ maisy. she loves her friends to bit x
guy 1: damn, u see naomi last night?
guy 2: yeh we got proper wasted...
guy 1:heard from someone that she thought she looked aweful. can u believe it??
guy 2: u fuckin kiddin? i was about to ask her back to my place!
by lisa334 November 12, 2010
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A really nice girl who gets tons of guys! She can have a low selfesteem and some times be self-centerd!
Random dude: Wow that girl is hot! Whats her name?
Random dude 2: Oh! Thats Naomi!
by NinjaNayNay August 18, 2011
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