An exotically splendid name for people of the female gender. The name is given to children who display unparalled beauty and intelligence. The name has also been known to be given to children that display Goddess-like qualities that surpass all mortal knowledge.
That child, who is named Naomi, is perfect in all ways.
by Trenton Romulox December 02, 2006
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An angel that will stay by your side, regardless of how bad things get. Almost always a girl, a Naomi is quite weird, liking obscure music bands and random Disney memes, then again, that just adds to her cuteness. Also, she is usually a fairly shy girl, and often won't approach people out of fear for rejection, however, Naomi's are extremely fun to hang out with, usually the one telling the best jokes and laughing the loudest. And whilst she won't take the wildest dares, Naomi's do their best to help their friends, and is quite fierce to the people that hurt them. Most of all though, a Naomi has a the heart of an angel, and will do their best to help you, even if you can't return the favour.
Dude 1: Man, there was this girl that I wanted to ask out, but she seemed so shy that I went for Sarah instead.

Dude 2:Wth man, that was a Naomi "facepalm"
by Lunox77 December 10, 2012
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Most beautiful girl in the world. Slightly a YouTube gamer and gaming geek. Naomi is sweet, funny and snorts when she laughs. She is so beautiful but does not like being told that. Most others are terrible people but Naomi is truly beautiful because she is the nicest person ever. Kids love her, animals love her, everyone loves her. Most people who do not have a Naomi in their life are living wrong. If Leonardo da Vinci were to paint her, her beauty (even in painting) is so bright miners would use it as a light source.
Wow she is so nice, she a Naomi
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by Skyler the geeky green boy March 14, 2018
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Naomi is one of the most hyper and active people you will meet. She is very Quirky when it comes to love. She trys to stay fit and gets decent grades.
Wow Naomi Is great. :3
by PriincessNaomi April 11, 2018
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A nice quiet shy person who all ways wants to help others but fucks up alot
She will never try to hurt you unless you are a real dick she is smart and will help if you are stuck and chose friends before boys if you are rude to a naomi


I'm a naomi I would know I also do karate
by Random gibberish December 28, 2018
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An amazing girl who is very quirky and weird. She loves all thing oddball and is interested in music, art, and reading. Not always the smartest person but still an amazing friends. She is not that popular and has few friends but she doesn't really care about this.
Person 1: Hey do you know Naomi?
Person 2: Is that the girl who is always drawing in the back of class?
by Never Nebula January 08, 2017
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Na⋅o⋅mi  /neɪˈoʊmi, -maɪ, ˈneɪoʊˌmaɪ, -ˌmi/ (ney-oh-mee, -mahy, ney-oh-mahy, -mee)

1. the mother-in-law of Ruth and the great-grandmother of David.

2. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “pleasant.”

Word Origin & History


fem. proper name, biblical mother-in-law of Ruth, from Heb. Na'omi, lit. "my delight," from no'am "pleasantness, delightfulness," from stem of na'em "was pleasant, was lovely."
Naomi is my pleasantness.
by dddde December 28, 2009
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