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Nannery - An ambiguous cultural heritage. Possible of Irish/ English descent. Definitely not Portuguese. Dislike of spices of all kinds. Strong affinity for red wine. Can recite obscure song lyrics at a moments notice. King of sarcasm. Usually type of person to enjoy taxes.
Wow that guys such a Nannery, he probably owns nunchucks and parades around like a ninja
by DR. Changles July 13, 2017
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The act of a man peeing all the time due to his woman sized bladder.
Dude I got to take another Nannery.
by NecroNarff August 13, 2014
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the type of sensation you feel when a banana builds up in the roof of your mouth.
damn that was a nannery nanner
by elqsisa June 17, 2018
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