The scariest thing ever. This mother fuckers will teleport behind you and start biting your shoes they will run away just so they can jump in the air and drop kick you like a cloaker. Canadian Geese will not hesitate to tackle your child.
Kyle: Yo we should go for a walk
Dave: Nah man
Kyle: Why?
Dave: Theres a Canadian goose out there
by SomeDudeFromCanada October 18, 2021
You lay a girl down in the middle of the floor naked. you proceed to take a running start diving over her and shitting on her in mid-air. For full effect make a honking sound.
Last weekend I pulled a Canadian Goose on your sister.
by HomrichMSU May 23, 2006
While entering a girl from behind rhythmically thrust, honk, and flap your arms simultaneously as though you are a flying canadian goose.
Last night I totally pulled off the Canadian Goose on your wife!
by Rapeythewarewolf June 10, 2011
Someone often by the name of Tom
Friend: Ayo Tom, what species are you?
Tom: Canadian Goose mate
by Wagwan_piff_ting November 21, 2019
When three people sit side by side and someone else stands facing the middle person. The middle person will be jacking off the two side people while giving head to the one standing so it looks like the middle person is flapping his/her wings while moving their neck up and down....the motion a Canadian Goose makes. They may also make a "honking" sound because they are choking on dick.
Susie's throat was sore after performing the Canadian Goose.
by BigBuckDaddy October 17, 2010