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A sexy, well proportioned guy. Usually raised in the ghetto, therefore well adapted to street life. Can be cheeky and mischievous. Although he may often look intimidating, he's usually friendly unless you get on his bad side. In which case you will probably be shanked by his ghetto mates. The phrase 'a god amongst men' is most commonly used reference to a Piri.
'Yo you did what to Piri?! You gonna get shanked man!'

'Oh dayum! Who be that sexy man?'

'Must be a Piri'

by Falafashay February 10, 2012
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a fat ass fob who always spends time wit his parents.He is always fucking around wit old clothes.He thinks he gangster but actually he not
he try's to fit in but never does.
he da a biggest fucker in da world
yo man dat boy piri is a fuking
ass yo man let'z go kick his ass
by brigga December 03, 2003
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