A little nonce who is so nonce that nonce nonce nonce in my nonce
by Pijus has big gay September 11, 2018
used to insult the persons nanny or to say it randomly is to not care m8
"so whats 333 + 333" reply would be " UR NAN!"
by FRIDGES R COOLZ March 29, 2016
by MAXKELLYMADETHESE!!! January 28, 2019
1. An insult used in Coventry (A Place in England)and possibly across the UK but i cannot be sure.. because i got tired of doing "your mum"
Sto - "Ahhh i just shit in your house"
Me - "I just shit on your nan"

Me - "i need a shit, i'll be a while"
Sto - "Why?"
Me -"Cause your nan lives kinda far away"

Me - "Guv, i fisted your nan"
Guv - "My nan's dead"
Me - "I guess that's why she didn't move around alot"

Based on actual events.

by Hazbuk November 2, 2007
The common British offense used by younger males to offend others.
Go suck your bald nan.
by JapBash February 27, 2017
That women you just finger all the time and when you get bored smash her over the head with a coffee table
by Keith malkin January 3, 2017
A really thing word people say to be funny
by arandomperson644 March 12, 2021