That women you just finger all the time and when you get bored smash her over the head with a coffee table
by Keith malkin January 3, 2017
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a woman who is your mothers or fathers mother
my nan is a junkie mate
by The boss of meme January 24, 2019
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Originating from the term oh my nan. "Are you my nan?" is a phrase that can be used instead of what are you doing? or what. Commonly used in South Australia and New South Wales.
Teacher: You are a terrible student and are going to be expelled.
Student: Are you my nan?!
by Alexander Mel May 26, 2020
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Used instead of 'oh my gosh' or 'oh for fuck sake'. Origin - South Wales.
Rupert: Look at that dead body on those rocks over there
Keith: Oh my nan!

Rupert: We have maths homework.
Keith: Oh my nan that's so gay.
by chippendale keith July 13, 2005
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An expression when someone is annoyed in a jokey way.
Person 1: Can I have some of your food?
Person 2: Nah mate suck my nan.
by itsmeheybro January 30, 2017
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