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One who is beautiful,smart and amazing, she has such a strong personality and is very cuddly, she’s a role model and she’s kind to everyone and makes everyone’s day brighten up
Nalla is wonderful
by James Roy123 May 15, 2018
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Someone who is fit for nothing. Is useless and stinks as bad as a gutter. A person who is called Nalla is not caring or well matured.
You're such a Nalla
by Stephanie Gwen March 15, 2019
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verb, infinitive: to not text back, but in some rare cases one word answers like "K"
Josh: Jackie just nallad me.
Ethan: If anyone nalled me I'd probably shoot up a school.
Jane: But...I nalla people all the time.
*Jane's been missing since.
by Neytari June 01, 2018
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