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Literally meaning a Star, a Nakshatra is a person you'll find very asocial but at the same time very fascinating when you get close to her. She tends to have a weird personality with a quirk of chaos and trickery. A Nakshatra you'll meet possessess an unusual intelligence with her IQ ranging from 130 to normal genius levels. She is the master of all 4 elements : Nerd, Prep, Goth & Jock. Highly sarcastic in nature, she isn't someone to be messed with, because if you do she will make sure you regret it. In order to get her revenge she can go from a normal weirdie to a sociopath real soon. Has dealt with a lot of mental illness issues because of the dark past she possesses. Not much of an emotional person, she can solve all of your problems. Would never regret any of her actions.
Usually great at being single but damn she'd like to kiss a boy. Doesn't like the mess which is love but would get into it if she finds someone worthy enough of it. A very beautiful person who can rock any clothing or hairstyle. Can be very mean and break your will to live within mere seconds of conflict.
Is very passionate about the things and people she loves. Would make the best lover/girlfriend. Is very much of a giver than taker. Considered very different by every section of people and society, Nakshatra tends to be an on-spot Spontaneous character with a profound proficiency in lying. Perfectly mysterious; believes in maintaining a curiosity in the people around her.
Within approximately 5 mins of meeting Nakshatra and talking to her about our topic, I couldn't resist myself of saying, "I love you" to her.
If you like Nakshatra, just go and tell her about your feelings. I know for a fact that she'll be very cool about it.

You can literally talk about anything with Nakshatra. She would never disappoint you.
Nakshatra is THE most awesome person you'll ever meet. The name doesn't literally mean A fucking STAR in vain.
by TheDragon&ThePheonix February 20, 2019
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A boy who is very irritating, he really flirts a lot and love girls a lot.
by Dudiyado March 12, 2018
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