a hip-hop artist and singer from Norway, known for his songs “good day”, “coffin girl” and more. he often makes songs about bad relationships, heartbreak and other deep shiet
guy 1: damn, did she really break up with you?
guy 2: yup..
guy 1: that sucks.. put on some Naits and you’ll feel better
by Matter Newsland November 30, 2021
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nait is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. he’s smart and hot
damn i think we found a nait
by i’m the real god January 10, 2020
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A great and amazing friend, he is amazing and you know who you are
Guy 1: Gee that guy is getting all the girls
Guy 2: He must be a Nait
by de cripled boys October 20, 2020
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another meaning for nigger, usually of the sand variety.
by dotcomicon February 6, 2008
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It is an acronym standing for north American institution of technology, or N.A.I.T.
Hey, Sam, are you going to Nait for post secondary?
by HeadPopBodyDrop May 24, 2009
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neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia is a condition that can cause a fetus or neonate to bleed into their brain, stomach or spinal chord.
Prenatal screening for NAIT should be standard and routine.
by nait babies May 5, 2011
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were knights at 1118 until 1312!
by tha October 12, 2003
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