1312 stands for All Cops Are Bastards (or bastardized). 1-A 3-C 1-A 2-B
If we put the letters together, we get ACAB. ACAB also stands for All Cops Are Bastards.
Eli: ACAB! 1312! Defund the police!
Mary: Blue Lives Matter!!!!!!!
Eli: No, they don't. Blue is not a life.
by eli :D January 4, 2021
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1312 means "All Cops Are Bastards". The numbers represent the alphabetical letters ACAB.
1312 is often found on t-shirts.
by apollofirin January 29, 2011
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A Starcraft 2 cheesy build order for Zerg.

13 Vespene Gas 12 Spawning Pool.
'He cheesed me with 1312'
by Kryael October 12, 2018
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1) A reference to Aryan Brotherhood prison circles according to the ADL. The numbers 13 and 12 translate alphanumerically to AC and AB, which according to the ADL mean “Aryan Circle” and “Aryan Brotherhood” respectively. Many white supremacists will wear this on shirts and other paraphernalia.

2) A reference to ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). Similar to the first definition the numbers can be translated alphanumerically. While many activists will put the numbers on their clothing, a number of white supremacists in disguise will also do the same as a way to conspire with other members of the brotherhood in secret.
“Hey! Nice 1312 clothing brother.”
“Thank you brother! Long live the Aryan race!”

“Hey! Nice 1312 clothing brother.”
“Thank you brother! Long live the-I mean... Black Lives Matter!”
by Isosceles Brussels December 6, 2020
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