Naif is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. He's a little shy at first, but once you get to know him, its quite the experience. Naif can be stubborn and angry sometimes but just needs someone to help. Once closer, Naif will not be afraid to show his emotions. While a little pessimistic, he will try to see the good in you. In a relationship, Naif wants nothing more than for you to be happy and will do everything he can to ensure this regardless of the challenges & obstacles in the way. Additionally, Naif wants to always be by your side. He's a little quirky, but in the end, happy to be with you. You'd be lucky to be with Naif. (Chances are, Naif is a furry.)
"I love you Naif, you warm my heart."
by Ferret:bip December 23, 2019
Naif is one of the sweetest people, he is very kind and white hearted, also a great friend. Naif is a positive person, doesn’t overthink things, which gets him through life. He’s a funny guy, and loves people who make him happy, he also doesn’t like seeing someone unhappy which he intend to change. He’s loyal, and likes honesty a lot. He’s a hard working guy, and commited to his work. Unfortunately, Naif can be very stubborn, which brings out a huge Amount of anger in him.although, Naifs are rare keep em’
U look happy why ?

Naif made me laugh
by Okbye222 April 17, 2019
Innocent. Contraction of "naive waif."

Used to describe n00bs in the NYC art scene.
They pretend Basqiat was naif, but that nigga was down.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
The person on the top, really good in each and every aspect

Girl: Hey that guy is so hot!
Boy: No shit! He's literally Naif
How are you so good at the game! You're like Naif!!
by Synitet January 8, 2021
A sacred animal found within the confineds of Shahla.
Hunter 1: We are hunting for Naif today.
Hunter 2: Man i love eating Naif.
Hunter 3: Damn i love Naif.
by Killadead6666 June 9, 2009
Naif is a great guy, usually heartwarming and found with a girlfriend in the wild

Naifs are rare so if you meet one good on ya they're really nice

People are jealous oh him so they go to urban dictionary to write bad definitions of the word
Man 1: Did you see Naif? He's such a chad
Man 2: Yes, very good
by CheeseIsTasty April 18, 2021
Basil's Dad aka one sexy motherfucker who loves it in the arse.

Can be used in a canonical sense.
Oi m8 have you seen that total naif over there. Phwoar they'd get it in the arse.
by TPM!^!" November 15, 2019