a bad definition stems from apathy and/or ignorance on the part of the poster.
a bad definition has no substance or taste. it is posted only because someone felt like exercising their peer-given right to post it.
can noone see that culture is continuing on a downward slope, resembling a barbaric pile of shit more and more every day?

someone help us all...

God, are you there? It's me, 1/6,000,000th of a shitty collective
_____with very rare exception, one can look up any word on this website, and not find what most nonidiots(a rare breed) would consider to be a "good definition"

_____tell everyone you know if you think you've found a good definition. your friends will be so excited that they may in fact have some trouble writing lousy definitions for everyone to absorb off the surface of their soul-devouring computer screens.
you and your fucking bad definitions...
by cliche cliche July 12, 2006
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A bad definition is a definition that uses derivatives of words or words with the same root to define the word.
Bad definition is a bad definition because it uses definition to define itself.
by Zvosher March 4, 2021
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an example of an entry with at least one bad definition?

i dont know, how about this one: Taco Bell
by cliche cliche July 12, 2006
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