Translates into Fuck used mainly in Russia, And baltic states.
Иди нахуй-Igi nahui - Go fuck yourself
by Hitler loves jews February 22, 2017
russian that actually means "go fuck yourself" or "fuck off"
- hi, can we go to cinema today?
- no, poshel nahuy (fuck off).
by nasticorn December 2, 2015
Another Russian word, which became legit in the whole world. Roughly translated as "fuck off".

Made famous by Ukrainian border guards, who said "russian warship, idi nahui" (russian warship fuck off)
-What Russian words do you know?
-sputnik, perestroika, nahui
by dildo777 May 1, 2022
Russian insult that literally translates into "go to a dick" and is used in the same context as the English term "fuck off".
-"Idi nahui , blyat"

-"Idi nahui, cyka"
by Nokia God August 24, 2016
a word every russian in any game yells at you no matter what you do. it basicly means anything they want it to mean and can be used in any situation.
by bobby the one December 14, 2015
A Russian insult that roughly translates to "go to a dick" or "go fuck yourself."
This term is commonly used by Russian Gopniks in-game that are too drunk to play properly and will yell at you for literally anything you do.

...Especially in Counter Strike
by sillyarab October 14, 2018
Brave Ukraininan soldiers defending Snake Island against a russian warship said "go f*ck yourself" before they perished.
Slava ukrayiny!
idi nahui rosiysʹkyy korabelʹ
russian warship, go f*ck yourself.
російський військовий корабель, іди на хуй .
by Nahui26 February 26, 2022