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A retarted person who has low IQ and thinking skills is not able to acomplise anything without adiquite help.
Naglis will try to get on a bus and then fall off and die
by boomlet roastednaglis123 February 27, 2019
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1.A person who is mentally retarted and lacks knowledge by a substantial amount.

2. Someone who can not understand the concept of survival.

3. a person you would sacrifice and leave behind.
The story of Naglis"sir again you are not allowed here without an appointment , please leave."(pulls out a nerf gun)" You can't tell me what to do!" runs into an empty hospital room and starts reading Peppa pig Books and then when he hears the sirens coming he jumps out of the windows as a mean of escape. Breaks both his legs and then when he is brang into the hospital he tries to crawl over to a bus manages to Half get on and then falls of and a pedestrian hits his head so hard on how stupid that was he knocks his brain out of place and becomes retarted. Bacicly that person is born with infective retartedness.
by boomlet roastednaglis123 February 26, 2019
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Naglis is a complete retard that would pee on a dead dog to pay tribute to him. He would pass out and when woken up would think he had teleported , and then claim to the police that it was because of drugs.
You know that guy that got arrested. He is such a Naglis.
by Naglis Stoskus March 01, 2019
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If you've ever met Naglis you'll know that he is the stupidest person among the entire galaxy. He is so stupid that when he would be asked to writ his name he would write Naklis. That is due to his stupid name. When he is born, the doctor takes a hammer and tests his reaction, as with all Naglis's they fail.
Oh no, we have a Naglis in our class this year.
by Naglis StoΕ‘kus September 04, 2019
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