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Afzal is an arabic word used for to discribe a big thing. It can be a name of a Muslim.
Naeem Afzal means a big gift from God.
by NAEEM AFZAL July 30, 2007
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an unusual human being who make weird noises. thinks he is a badman. is in love with big sean and wants him in his bed. fave word C-DAWG! loves to make dolphin noises.
kinda weird, he is an afzal
by loverrr4567890 February 28, 2012
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An extremely hot, well-built guy with awesome hair, great cheekbones and would make a great boyfriend. Probably gay though.
"Hey who's that hot guy dancing with that other guy?"
"Oh him...he's Afzal"
by sadfacebutnotrlly October 15, 2014
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A pakistani man who tends to rob money from friends
OMG did you just afzal me
by loplewloplop December 26, 2016
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