One of the newest dance craves. Which mainly involves the imitation of Shanae'nae from Martin. This dance should only be done by females between the ages of 7-17. Anyone else caught doing this is confused about something in their life I.e. maturity and sexuality(men)
Guy 1: Yo man, why you and Jay beefing?

Guy 2: He mad cause I smashed his gurl in the bathroom while he was on the dance floor doing the nae nae.
by oneone90 February 19, 2014
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The art of the nae nae must be taught by a naked Chinese man named woo boo Kim located in the outskirts of Beijing. Woo boo Kim defines a nae nae as roasting or exposing someone so bad that they no longer want to live. So obviously the nae nae is very powerful and can only be learned by a handful of true savages
Guy 1: Hey have you ever heard of a nae nae?
Guy 2: No why?
Guy 1: Just wondering why your grandmother was screaming out nae nae when I was rubbing her saggy titties on my hard cock.
Guy 2: *jumps off Bridge
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by Crismotherlover69 March 22, 2017
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The most toughest girl you can meet.With the biggest heart in the world.And is not afraid to stand up for her self.
"Hey you going to let her talk to you like that"Joseph's friend
"Yes, its Nae Nae I can't do any thing unless I want to fight a girl" Joseph
by NNa nae December 24, 2016
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Nae Nae is a dance move where you raise your hand and swerve it left and right, while your other hand is on our hip, and you're usually move back when you do this.
Hey! Do the nae nae!
Dude, that was a sick nae nae.
I'm going to teach you how to nae nae.
by Oddvibe March 27, 2016
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| \

/\ πŸ‘Š

| |

nae nae

by Naenaethepainaway August 25, 2019
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