A dance that should stay in 2013
"Now watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae-"
by ItsTimeToStaph December 24, 2017
A horse diagnosed with down-syndrome.
The cringe ass kids are Nae Naes.
by kowalski analysis March 6, 2017
An exotic dance preformed by a female during mating season.
Bae, come to the room so I can show you my Nae Nae.
by Zozo Raven February 25, 2017
when you are to busy being constipated, that you retardedly wave goodbye to your friends whilst shit is filling your undies uncontrollably
"you okay? "nae nae"
by likealotapuss July 23, 2015
One of the newest dance craves. Which mainly involves the imitation of Shanae'nae from Martin. This dance should only be done by females between the ages of 7-17. Anyone else caught doing this is confused about something in their life I.e. maturity and sexuality(men)
Guy 1: Yo man, why you and Jay beefing?

Guy 2: He mad cause I smashed his gurl in the bathroom while he was on the dance floor doing the nae nae.
by oneone90 February 20, 2014
Nae Nae is a dance move where you raise your hand and swerve it left and right, while your other hand is on our hip, and you're usually move back when you do this.
Hey! Do the nae nae!
Dude, that was a sick nae nae.
I'm going to teach you how to nae nae.
by Oddvibe March 28, 2016