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A dumbass dude who said, "You already know who it is," after making his first song. His name also has the word silent in it, which is the exact opposite of what he is.
Silento: You already know who it is!!!
Me: No I don't you dumbass.
by xXNinjaDogeXx January 29, 2016
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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Was first known as watch me whip watch me nae nae but now known as a butthole
Damn did you see how stretched out her silento was
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by Pickle Rickkk September 29, 2020
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that rapper that was hella famous for his ‘watch me whip watch me nene’ song a few years ago and he wasn’t famous since then but now he’s famous again cuz a picture of him on twitter was leaked proving that he’s gay
Guy 1: Hey, remember that rapper Silento that wrote the watch me whip watch me nene song? Apparently a picture of him was leaked on Twitter and it proves that he’s gay!
Guy 2: Damn, imma go check that out now.
by 09kMauro October 02, 2020
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a gay that shot his cousin after saying "you already know who it is!"
silento: *walks in the room*
cousin: hey homie!
silento: *points a gun at cousin*
cousin: noonononnoo!
silento: you already know who it is!!
cousin: FUC- *dies*
by icomeherewhenimbored April 13, 2021
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whats your gsp are you in elite smash?
my tag is Silentó i have a higher gsp than charliedaking
by ignice January 05, 2021
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