Said to cover up someone's true intentions about a question they just asked; trying to appear nonchalant. Could also mean that it's about to go down.
Justin: "Yo, Brad, how old's your sister?"
Brad: "She's 16, what's it to you, perv?"
Justin: "Dang, man, I was just wondering..."
by mattyp1108 September 10, 2011
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A comment made after an answer to a previous question. The comment means that person who makes the question had no important reason to ask, but was just curious.
Jack: Have you ever been to Japan? Paul: Yes, why do you ask? Jack: (I was) just wondering
by Irando Alves Martins January 29, 2011
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Bad excuse to cover their true intention. Although it's easy to acknowledge that they are "just wondering," people use this phrase all the time for cretinous reason. I don't know.
(Ingame, random chat from game friend): Just wondering how old are you? Just wondering, really...
by donassumygender October 15, 2019
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the biggest FUCKING lie of ALL time. If anyone ever says "just wondering" you have the right to black mail and interrogate that son of a bitch until you uncover the truth. ESPECIALLY if it's about someone you might like.
Do you like *****
Umm not really? Why?
Just wondering
by ASDFGHKL March 28, 2018
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