a leather goods company that now makes all their bags in China and the quality isn't half as good. Their only worth buying at a department store on sale because they're over-priced at the actually Coach stores and not worth paying full price for.
Lady 1: "Let's head over to The Bay. They have sales on the Coach bags there".

Lady 2: "Ya I would rather buy a coach bag on sale. They make their products in China now!"
by dudelistico2012 August 7, 2011
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A girl who will spread for status-defining gifts and favours, such as a Coach Bag.
by Journeys mom October 7, 2007
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a girl that can't stop buying Coach bags because she is too lazy to save up for a Louis Vuitton and would rather own "Made in China" bags because their on the affordable side. They are usually found every pay day at a Coach store cashing in on a Coach bag.
friend: "Why do you own so many Coach bags?"

Coach bag whore: "I can't help it. I'm a Coach bag whore!!"
by dudelistico2012 August 8, 2011
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1. A conceited old bitch. A vane woman. A middle class whore.

2. The female equivalent of "Douche Bag".
1. Gang member1: Turn off the blunt fool my mom is coming.
Gang member2: Hello Mrs. Garcia, how are you today?
Mrs. Garcia: (ignores Gang member2).
Gang member2: Your mom is A Coach Bag homes!

2. Girl1: Who the fuck left used tampons all over the bathroom floor?
Girl2: Don't look at me Girl, I ain't A Coach Bag.
by Steve Stephalonavich February 17, 2013
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