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Nabiha is a girl who looks happy on the outside but sad in the inside. She has a fair amount of friends who care about her and who she cares about too. She has a very bad past and still can't get over it. She is a very nice girl who forgives anyone, literally even if they are the worst human being in the world. People call her pretty but she doesn't think she is pretty. She cries silently in her room every day without anyone knowing, not even her own parents. She was betrayed and hurt by many people but still never gives up being who she is. She is different from any other girl in school. She gets hurt easily so you should really be careful what words you say to her. She will never Physically hurt someone and she will try her best not to hurt anyone mentally. She is also someone who gets asked every day "How are you" where she responds "Fine..." but the truth is that... she really isn't fine. She lost a lot of people she loved which is also part of her bad past. She thinks she is useless. As in a whole, Nabiha is a girl who you would want to be friends with and a friend you can trust no matter what, and looks weak but is strong when it comes to feelings. Just remember one thing........don't hurt her, please don't, and make her smile every single day, make her feel happy and free.
Nabiha is very Innocent and nice
by Navigation November 03, 2019
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A girl with dark brown hair and eyes who comes off as aggressive and mean but gets hurt easily. She likes having real, and loyal friends who have her back and don't bail on people. A lot of people feel threatened by her even though she doesn't do anything. She likes to try and avoid drama so she avoids people who hate/feel threatened by her.
Nabiha can be so damn mean. My god.
Nabiha is a total bully.
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An amazing person and friend. She will always make you laugh with her humor that's so good it's bad. She'll let you tell her anything, and she'll have your back. She falls furiously in love for a myriad of boys, so be prepared to reciprocate all the support you've given her. Also very intelligent, neat, and studies hard; you can take notes from her and she's usually prepared.
Did you see Nabiha the other day?
Yeah! She was so nice to me!
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Loves draco malfoy and is married to him. So if I were you I would back off. She is also a very innocent girl and she never hits people. Draco is hers 😊
Nabiha is very kind and loves her husband Draco Malfoy
by Draco's Girl November 16, 2020
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Nabiha is an amazing girl with perfect figure. She has the most amazing body and features. Her boobs are perkier , big and soft. She gives the most comfortable hugs. She can give great advices and she has gone through alot but that made her even more stronger. Her eyes are beautiful and can drive anyone crazy. Her face is seductive and many guys wants to date her because she is rare and the best in the entire world. Theres no competition of nabiha and if you mess with her, she will burn your ass off. Nabiha is everyone’s dream girl
She is the most beautiful girl and her name is nabiha
by Queenzx May 01, 2020
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Goddess of attachment and commitment. Loves to explore the depths of a strong relationship by testing her spouse with ideas of family (e.g. family planning: children). Easily attracted to gods of pleasure (e.g. proficient in skills of seduction and pleasurable activities), even they seek the same core goals within relationship.
- The god of sexual pleasure finds great comfort in the attention given by Nabiha.
- Nabiha spends time looking for such mates who are willing to give their full attention and effort towards family issues.
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