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Joey: Michelle Pegasus was pissed at me so she hit me with a car..That biatch =)
Duke: Well...that's NSG...
Tristan: Glad she doesn't like me! Because I'm a minor character!
by Misu Devlin August 24, 2006
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the name of the pound for criminal and socially harmful animals
once you go anywhere near NSG ur eye's will start to burn, ears start to throb painfully and u'll wanna run as far away as you can
by pimp November 09, 2003
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Acronym that stands for 'No Straight Girls' and pronounced as 'en ess gee'
Implying that bisexual/lesbian women must remind themselves to not be interested and hit on straight girls..
Yeah she's hot but I have to keep reminding myself.... nsg!
by Tanya Singh January 07, 2015
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